Political situation in Chile (June 2022)

Meanwhile the new government is working in various fields after president Boric had started to take office in March, the process of enacting new constitution has been attracting citizens’ attention.

According to the regular report of politics (June) published by the Embassy of Japan in Chile, the current situation regarding this news can be summarized as below:

On June 28th, all of the process and discussion for draft of the new constitution got wrapped up in Constituent Assembly, and got turned in to president Boric on July 4th.

Though a referendum to decide whether to approve the new constitution is planned on September 4th, its approval rate is low according to the current result of a poll.

Facing to this consequence, the opposition party offered an opinion that “no matter if this new constitution does not get approved, we should keep editing drafts of new constitution”.

On the other hand, President Boric highlights that new constitution and governments “should be considered separately” due to the difference between the duration of each.

Reference: The regular report of politics (June), from the Embassy of Japan in Chile.

(The original report is written in Japanese.)