Our high-performance metal materials

We provide the high performance metal materials that are indispensable in the leading industries, such as electronic components including semiconductors.

We can establish the cooperation system with non-ferrous metal manufacturers in each country (China, Russia, Latin America, etc.), and provide the high-performance metal materials that our clients need.

Global supply source

Metals are especially used in a variety of products that are essential for human life. Due to the recent shortage of containers and changing the world situations, trade deals and transportation of goods have become much more difficult.
Under such circumstances, we are trying to diversify our supply sources by continuing to search for new suppliers around the world in order to reduce risks to our customers’ business and support its development.

ElementMain Items
SnIngot(various type), Organic Tin(DMTC, MBTC etc.), Inorganic Tin(Stannic oxide, Cloride)
WTungsten ingot(Various type), Powder
NiNickel ingot(Various type), Powder
CaCalcium metal
CrMetal chrome
MgMagnesium metal
MnManganese metal
CuCopper powder, Copper Nano powder
Various alloyChromium alloy(Co-Cr-Mo, Cr-Cu, Ni-Cr)

Our main handling countries: China, South Korea, Russian

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Please feel free to contact us even if you are interested in the products not listed.