About Errazuriz group (Chile)

This group was established by Mr. Francisco Javier Errázuriz Talavera in 1960’s. At the beginning, their principal businesses were agriculture, plantation, and forestry. In 1970’s, they expanded their businesses significantly: with mining, chemistry, fruits, winery, frozen salmon, frozen vegetables, insurance, finance, vehicle sales, fishing, and grocery stores.  Especially, Unimark is inernationally known very well as a grocery store franchise, and their stores are located in Chile and Argentina.

Through various kinds of business, they diversify their business risks steadily by working in a wide range of industries, not only by contributing the Chilean economy. Today, they have more than 5,000 employees.

Especially in mining industry, they own Cosayach that prides themselves on the world’s second largest iodine production. Their production capacity is more than 6,000MT/year. They also produce sodium nitrate and potassium nitrate, and their production capacity is 160,000MT/year.

Errazuriz group and CHORI

Errazuriz group and CHORI, as business partners, started with the business of Japanese or Chinese vehicle sales in Chile. Today, we work on developping and expanding our businesses, such as international sales of iodine and nitrate, supply of potash raw materials, joint development of lithium, etc., by having strategic discussions over and over.

※Our lithium compound manufacturing project in Chile                                     https://chori-mukifine.com/en/battery/

Businesses of Errazuriz group




Frozen salmon

Frozen vegetables


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