About our carbon project

Carbon products have a long history in Japan, and new products are constantly being developed.
To be able to make proposals that meet the needs of our customers as a comprehensive carbon consultation office, we launched this project.

Our department handles a wide range of high-quality carbon materials that made in Japan, from raw materials to processed products.
We are collaborating with over 30 of our offices and local processing factories in the world to meet the detailed needs of our overseas customers.

Also, we are developing recycle technology.
Solving the problem of wasted carbon fibers, we will expand sales channels with reasonable proposals, and contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

Competitiveness and Superiority

Abundant assortment

From raw materials to molded products, we have a wide variety of products to suit your application.
First, please tell us your requests.

Overseas sales performance

We understand about the products correctly and comply with the security trade rules.
We propose the best product according to the customer’s request.

The reliance of “made in Japan”

For many years, our customers in the world have been using the products made in Japan.
We propose reliable products in terms of physical properties and durability.


Products we handle

Products Use Application range
isotropic graphite (CIP) parts for pulling single crystal silicon, parts for manufacturing polycrystalline silicon, various kinds of crucibles

silicon semiconductor, solar battery (single crystal wafer/polycrystalline cell), polysilicon manufacturing, fiber optic, industrial heat treatment, continuous casting, electromagnetic steel plate, vacuum deposition, aluminum melting, brush for electricity, current collector, electrical discharge machining (EDM), etc.

C/C composites (composite carbon material/long fiber) heat-resistant structural parts, various kinds of high-temperature furnace parts, trays, jigs, crucibles, cylindrical, flat plates, bolts, nuts
C/C composites (composite carbon material/short fiber) heat-resistant structural parts, various kinds of high-temperature furnace parts, flat plates, bolts, nuts
Soft felts (short fiber) high temperature furnace insulation material
Carbon fibers aircraft, leisure (golf clubs, fishing rods, bicycles), drones, wind power blades

aircrafts, leisure, EV, heat-resistant parts, heat dissipation parts

Recycled fibers resin filler  
Recycled carbon composite pellet metal substitute, engineering plastic substitute *Please check the page below for details.