Errazuriz wine from Chile

We would like to introduce the wine business handled by our Chilean business partner, Errazuriz Group.:

Since 1994, the group’s Marchigüe winery has been owned a total of 25 km2 of land in Colchagua valley and Curico valley, which are famous as one of Chile’s largest wine producing regions, and has engaged in their integrated process from grape cultivation to bottling.

In central Chile where the Marchigüe winery is located, they are able to offer a wide variety of high-quality wines, taking advantage of the Mediterranean climate with a varied temperature and environment.

{Map of the winery}

The winery is ranked as one of the top 20 producers in Chile, which is famous as one of the world’s largest wine producing countries.
In CHORI, Life Science department that sells merchandises such as food additives, deals their wine.

They mainly handle the following types:

Red – Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere, Syrah, Merlot
White – Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay

(Annual brewing capacity: 34,000,000ℓ)

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For details about Errazuriz group, please check out this page, as well.

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