Government of Canada Launches $1.5-Billion Critical Minerals Infrastructure Fund

Critical minerals are key enablers of clean technologies, such as batteries, clean energy sources, wind turbines, and solar panels, which are essential to achieving a net-zero-emissions future and fighting climate change. Canada is already a leading supplier of sustainably sourced minerals and materials and is committed to making strategic investments to reinforce its position and drive job creation and economic growth in every region of the country.

That is why on 20 November, 2023 the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, the Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, announced the launch of the Call for Proposals (CFP) of the Critical Minerals Infrastructure Fund (CMIF). The CMIF will address key infrastructure gaps to enable sustainable critical minerals production and to connect resources to markets. With up to $1.5 billion available over seven years, the fund will support clean energy and electrification initiatives as well as transportation and infrastructure projects that will enable the sustainable development of Canada’s critical minerals.

The CFP will provide up to $300 million in funding for his two objectives: “preconstruction and project development” and “infrastructure implementation.” Up to $50 million per project is available for non-government applicants and up to $100 million per project for state and territory governments investing in public projects. CMIF is a key element of Canada’s Critical Minerals Strategy and will complement other clean energy and transportation support that is already benefiting the critical minerals sector. By investing in the fundamental infrastructure needed to develop critical mineral projects, Canada presents tremendous economic opportunities across the value chain, from exploration and sustainable mining to processing, advanced manufacturing and recycling, while simultaneously supporting the development of clean technologies essential to achieve a global net-zero-emissions economy.