What’s Iodine?

  • One of the halogen elements represented in the chemical formula I₂.
  • Solid with metallic luster at room temperatura that gives off purple steam when heated, and is easy to sublimate and has a unique odor.
  • It is used for x-ray contrast agent, polarizing plate for liquid crystral, germicidal disinfectant, and pharmaceuticals. These days, it’s attracting attention as raw material for perovskite solar batteries, as well.


Our works for iodine

We sell yodo in Asia, as agency of a Chilean company, SCM COSAYACH YODO.

We can provide a stable supply of the products, since we mine the raw material Caliche ore in their own mine and have built the integrated supply chain from the ore.

  • Establishment: 1985
  • Factory: Cala-cala, Tarapaca region, CHILE
  • Caracteristics

 *Yodo maker with the second largest production capacity in the world.
 *Core company of the Chilean conglomerate, Errazuriz group.
  👉About Errazuriz group, please check this page, as well.


Product standard and our contact information

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