Political situation in Chile (September 2022)

In the Chilean Political Situation Report (September) issued by the Embassy of Japan in Chile, regarding approval or disapproval of the new draft of the Constitution of Chile, the official result of the referendum was summarized as below:

Approve- 38.14%
Disapprove- 61.86%

According to the report, since there is the will of the citizens, the process of drafting a new constitution is likely to continue.

In the presidential address to the people held on the same day as the election day, in response to the result, the president mentioned that the administration process was “backgrounded by the social outbreak of 2019,” and “working for further improvement of the previous process with Congress and civil society, we will make arrangements to start the process of drafting new constitution that will be accepted by more people.”

As the results of the poll conducted before the referendum show, more than half of them disapproved the new constitution draft.

Since the process of drafting will continue, we’d like to continue paying attention to its tendency and impacts.

Reference: Embassy of Japan in Chile “the Chilean Political Situation Report (September)”

(The original report is written in Japanese.)