Political situation in Chile (July 2022)

Regarding the enactment of new constitution which will have a national referendum on September, the following information is reported on the regular report of politics (July) published by the Embassy of Japan in Chile.:

On 4th of the month, the draft of new constitution which has 178 pages was turned in to President Boric. After the closure of Constituent Assembly, opinions of collaborators of each political party got perceived as below.:

Right wing- “Contents of the draft are irretrievably radical. The ideas wouldn’t be for the majority of the citizens.”

Left wing- “If citizens wish to improve the draft, it’s also possible to modify the new constitution through the congress, after it gets approved.”

Yet, according to results of a poll conducted on July, the approvement rate of the new constitution and the rating of current government are low on average.  

Reference: The regular report of politics (July), from the Embassy of Japan in Chile.
(The original report is written in Japanese.)