The prices of tungsten (W) and ammonium paratungstate (APT) are kept high, though they can be lowered.

According to some influenceable information from China, at the point of November 2021, Ammonium paratungstate (APT) made in China does not have much possibility to mark higher price comparing to other non-ferrous metals, although its price is still higher than 3 years ago. (Today the product costs RMB170,000/MT, and it used to cost RMB160,000/MT in November 2018.) Also, in November 2021, tungsten sticks (W) cost RMB295/kg, and it is not expected that its price would be as high as 3 years ago (RMB300/kg).

From now on, it can be considered that we would not face a significant price increase, overall. Though there is a possible cause of price increase, which is the insufficient supply due to the limitation of power usage in China, as a possible cause of price drop, there is a concern of major real estate agents including the Chinese group, 中国恒大集団, that the products can have less demand because of the depression of investment for construction at the end.