We aim to expand our business not only in East Asia such as China and South Korea, but also in Southeast Asia, India, North and South America, the Middle East, Russia, and Europe. In particular, India and Russia are attracting attention as the development bases for China’s second purchase source, which had a high trading ratio in our department. We will also challenge the African market, which is said to be the last frontier, and continue to seek business opportunities on a global scale.

There are concerns about supply chain instability due to the effects of the US-China trade conflict and the coronavirus. From the perspective of BCP, we will introduce raw materials that meet your needs so that we can contribute to the expansion of our customers’ purchasing sources as much as possible.

We are also developing digital services such as CPS (Chori Partnership System) and CPO (Chori Partnership Outlet) that are suitable for working from home. Please feel free to contact us. (Section 2 Chief Miura Miho)