The latest pandemic situation in Chile

Here are what people see about the latest COVID situation living in Chile.
During we go through the challenging time due to the world-wide pandemic, in Chile, people try to recover the national situation controlling the number of infected patients utilizing the “Paso a paso” gradual deregulation plan and curfew assigned by the police.

According to the official web page of Chilean government, the “Paso a paso” plan consists of 4 steps as following:
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Paso 1 – Quarantine
Paso 2 – Transition
Paso 3 – Preparation
Paso 4 – Opening
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Reference(The original website is written in Spanish.): Paso a Paso Nos Cuidamos

The “Paso a paso” plan used to obligate people to stay home patiently. However, in addition to the deregulation plan, the national vaccination program is on progress, starting from elderly citizens. Fortunately, it seems like the vaccination program turned out effective. As proof of that most areas of the metropolitan region advanced from Paso 1 (Quarentine) to Paso 2 (Transition) and it’s getting the normal life back to the citizens gradually, even though there is a concern for the Delta Variant that arrived to Chile in July.

In the same month, the Chilean government modified the “Paso a paso” plan for people who got vaccinated and obtained “pase de movilidad”, which they can apply for after two weeks from their vaccination. In spite of the deregulation in Chile, it’s possible that the border will stay closed longer than expected, due to the concern of arrival of the Delta variant.