Economic situation in Chile, June 2021

The department of economy from the embassy of Japan in Chile published regular report for June 2021.

According to the report, overall, it seems like the national economy is getting better. It’s possible to guess that the economy is getting recovered, since the country got back the consumption and the movement of people and products, thanks to the national vaccination program.

According to the report, the economic activity index rose by 18.1% comparing to the same month last year, but in the mining industry it fell by 0.3% (fell by 3.5% comparing to the month that adjusted seasonally). In fact, the production rate of the mining industry appears to be in declining tendency as well. In terms of economic indicators, the increase in sales in supermarkets and commercial sales in Santiago (metropolitan region) stands out. Chile’s exports (FOB) in June were for $ 7.45 billion, of which $ 4.79 billion came from mining products (and of which $ 4.37 billion came from copper). Therefore, it can be supposed that 91% of the exported mining products were copper.

The exchange rate (CLP-USD) in June started at 722.11 pesos per dollar. It had a downward trend due to the sharp fall in copper’s price, but it got recovered and ended at 735.28 pesos per dollar.

Reference: The regular report of economy June 2021, from the Embassy of Japan in Chile, Department of Economy. (The original report is written in Japanese.)